Roy F. Flacco

14 Eagleshead Rd. Ithaca, NY 14850
Email: roy (at) wdcc (dot) com


   DevOps Engineering, System / Network Administration, System Management
  • Very experienced Senior DevOps Engineer. Has designed, developed, deployed, and maintained networked server systems for over 20 years. Has deep familiarity with Linux, Unix, and Windows in commercial and industrial environments, custom and commercial secure applications, internet and intranet websites, and has managed System Administration departments in addition to technical responsibilities.
  • Seasoned and accomplished Senior System Engineer, with deep experience in analog and digital electronics for computer and non-computer applications, and both system and application software. Has designed and delivered commercial, industrial, aerospace, and scientific products, software for Unix/Linux, Windows, Web/CGI, and embedded systems, hardware for commercial and industrial systems, network systems, data storage peripherals. Experienced technical team leader and manager.


  • DevOps Engineering, System / Network Administration
    Decades of experience with Linux, Unix, and Windows networked systems
    Network architecture, security, resources, planning
    Server, application, website design, implementation
    Development and deployment of secure systems for customers, clients
    Coordination of international sites, advising top management
    Management and technical direction of System Administration
  • Software Languages, Operating Systems, Command Languages, Tools
    Unix, Linux, Windows, OS X, embedded OSes
    ANSI C, Shell script, HTML, CGI, Visual C & Basic, Assembler
    Software development tools
    Network administration tools for Unix, Linux, Windows
    Website design, development, management, CGI. NIC handle: RF878
    CAD tools, OrCAD, graphical editors, office productivity
    Technical documentation tools, source control
  • Digital and Analog Hardware
    Standard and proprietary computer systems and networks
    ARM-7, x86, 68K/680x/650x CPUs, memory, storage, peripherals
    USB, FireWire/1394, PCMCIA, PCI, ISA, GPIB, STD, iSBX busses
    Interface / conversion circuitry for digital and analog systems
    Embedded system controllers, CPUs, FPGAs
    Amplifiers, converters, controllers, sensors, transducers, actuators
    Signals from microvolts to 440 VAC, frequencies DC-GHz

Employment History

  GrammaTech, Inc.
GrammaTech logo 2013-present  
Senior DevOps Engineer   for a leader in the field of software assurance tools and advanced cyber-security solutions, including static analysis and related technologies. Responsible for a network of Linux, Windows, and Sun servers, engineering and office users, secure websites, and network infrastructure.
  MCCI Corporation
MCCI logo 2005-2013  
Director / Senior System Administrator   for a technology-driven software company specializing in USB, embedded systems, PCMCIA, real-time O/S, test systems, device drivers, evaluation platforms. Led the Sysadmin team responsible for a network of Unix, Windows, Linux, and Sun servers, engineering and office users and a dozen engineering teams internationally, secure websites, and network infrastructure.
  WoodDuck Computer Consulting
WDCC logo 1988-Present  
Independent Consultant   Custom software applications, device drivers, libraries, utilities. Unix, Linux, and Windows system administration; engineering facility network admin. Commercial website design, setup, maintenance; content generation, CGI development. Design of personal computer peripherals, data storage hardware, software. Satellite hardware, ground station hardware, software. Industrial hardware, software, test systems. Power station biological monitoring. Bioacoustic location software. Remote technical support for commercial and industrial clients.
  Glyph Technologies
Glyph logo 2001-2005  
Director of Engineering and System Administration   High-end professional digital audio storage and distribution systems. IEEE-1394 (FireWire) storage subsystems. Collaborative real-time performance networked digital audio delivery system. Design and administer corporate server farm of custom-built and commercial hardware (Linux, Windows), with Samba and AppleShare support for user workstations. Design, write, and maintain corporate Internet website (Apache on Unix), and Intranet website for technical document control system (Apache on Linux). Write and maintain software for testing, production, technical documentation control. Establish and administer engineering/test standards, design guidelines.
  Moore Computer Consultants Inc.
MCCI logo 1995-2001  
V.P. Hardware Engineering, System Administrator   for a small company specializing in USB, embedded systems, PCMCIA, real-time O/S, test systems, device drivers, evaluation platforms. Supervised hardware design/development projects, designed products, wrote driver and test software, installed test systems. Administered a Unix/Windows engineering development network and secure website for proprietary and customer data.
  Databook Inc.
Databook logo 1993-95  
Manager of Hardware Engineering   for a pioneer in PCMCIA (PC-Card) personal computer data storage peripherals and controllers. PC peripherals for volume production and customer evaluation. Utilities, Unix/PC test suites for debugging and product/system test. Databook was subsequently closed.
  Ithaco, Inc.
Ithaco logo 1987-88, 1981-85  
Senior Systems Engineer   Satellite subsystems, attitude control components, computer spec/design. Infrared earth-radiance sensors. Mil-spec, high-rel hardware design, analog signal processing. Engineering system administration, documentation control. Spacecraft test systems, worst-case / failure-mode analyses. Ithaco was subsequently purchased by Goodrich Optical and Space Systems.
  CompuDAS Corporation
CompuDAS logo 1985-87  
Senior Engineer   Real-time industrial control systems. Award-winning process control computer, in continuous production and use since 1985. System hardware, system software, application/test software, system/network administration. Jet engine test system hardware, software. Ultra-linear frequency-to-voltage converter. Custom applications, utilities, turnkey system packages.
  Borg-Warner Electronics 1978-81  
Senior Engineer   Real-time microcomputer-based industrial motor controls. 3-phase AC power conversion hardware, embedded system hardware, software. High-horsepower inverter test systems. BWE was subsequently purchased by Emerson Electric Co. industrial drives division.
  Drexel University
Drexel logo 1974-78  
Head of College of Science Electronics Shop   Design of custom hardware, software, computer systems for research and instruction.
Staff Instructor   Department of Physics. Taught electronics, night school.

Awards and Publications

  • 1986 National "Excellence in Design" Award (3rd), Design Engineering

  • Flacco, "Process Control Board", Measurement & Control, April 1987


1975 B.S. Physics (Honors), Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA.

Personal and Contact Info

Roy F. Flacco
14 Eagleshead Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14850

Email: roy (at) wdcc (dot) com

Citizenship: USA
Health: Excellent
Hobbies: Music, alternative energy systems, house-building, home computers/networks
References: supplied upon request.